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The article, The Brutal Authenticity Of BYOD, (bring your own device) is valuable in my opinion because we have been wrestling with this concept for a bit in Civil Engineering.  Initially, we purchased laptops for all students so that they would all learn from the same platform. This didn’t work out exactly the way that was planned.  RRC School Administration thought that this would be great and the students would purchase the laptops when leaving for $300 and all would be good.  However what occurred was many students didn’t want 3 year old laptops OR they were told that they couldn’t be guaranteed their laptop so then they wouldn’t pay $300.  Civil Engineering had planned to give the students the laptops on graduation cheaply (can’t remember amount) but the school administration would not permit that as it was not the same as the policy for the rest of the school.  Now RRC Civil Engineering is home to many extra laptops which likely will never be used.  We have since moved to a hybrid model where students can either bring their own or use a school laptop.  What is everyone else’s thoughts on bringing in your own technology in the classroom?

I personally feel that it works better as students can work with whatever hardware/software they want.  Civil Engineering is now only required to provide laptops for students who require them. I believe that this alleviates the disparity for those who cannot afford them and for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase one.  What is challenging for me is to be able to use multiple forms of the same software and have them all available to all of the students.  Has anyone found a better way to do this?  I don’t have access to all forms of technology and software, nor do I have the time to LEARN all of them.


One thought on “Assignment 1 Blog Post 1

  1. Hi Tammy!
    I love that you blogged about this issue because it is also something that hits close to home with me. I took the Professional Baking program through RRC years ago and also was forced to purchase a lap top through the school, with the option of buying it out for cheap after I was finished. I cant remember how much the original cost was, but we used the lap top ONLY for the small computer portion of the program where we studied Excel, Power point etc. The last 4 months of the year are a work co-op, where you are out in the field experiencing your profession. Suddenly 1 month into the co-op we were all hit with a fee of around $1000.00 for “renting” the lap top over our co-op! This cost was above the original fee I paid when starting the course.

    I did my co-op in Toronto and when it was finished I decided to purchase the lap top for “cheap” because I had no other option and was to poor to buy a new computer. Within months that lap top got a virus and there was no gettign it back.

    I very much think it should be the option of the student to purchase a lap top through the school or bring their own. Most people are very specific with what computer they use and I really feel like RRC’s options ( at least 7 years ago) were garbage. Obviously everyone needs equal learning opportunities and you do need to have an option for people to rent a computer. Sometimes people don’t have the finances to own their own and that would be useful for them.

    I 100% do not feel that anyone should be forced into renting/purchasing the computers that RRC offers. In my option it is more of a cash grab then it is a way for everyone to start on the same plat form.



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