Assignment 2 Blog 4

While working on my inquiry project, I think I remembered some of the issues in completing assignments that I had forgotten.

While in my class I asked a friend to take pictures of making the fondant flowers and leaves, however I did not check them as she was clicking away.  My mistake.  After getting home I realized that the pictures didn’t work out and I needed them for my presentation.  So last night at 10 pm there I was, colouring fondant in yellow and green and rolling out mini balls to make fondant roses and daisies and leaves.  This was made harder by my weekend of yard work that made my arms equivalent to over boiled spaghetti.  Needless to say I’m tired this morning and my arms ache, but I have some good shots.

I think the project also reminded me of the anxiety that students feel while in a class with assignments and an instructor that will grade them.  Not that I have felt the class was “over my head” in any way, nor have I felt that there was too much to do, I have just had the underlying anxiety in my chest that I always have when taking a course that has a consequence. (i.e., taking a course on fondant where no one was grading me  – no problem!)

On the other side of the coin, instead of giving up, I worked on my project last night until it was done and done well.  I didn’t throw in the towel because it was inconvenient or hard.

In closing, I guess the work on the inquiry assignment has made me a better teacher because it has reminded me of some of the real issues that our students face every day. It will ensure that I am more empathetic in some cases – however my expectations for determination, perseverance and quality work will always remain.


One thought on “Assignment 2 Blog 4

  1. Isn’t that anxiety funny? I felt myself begin to slip below the surface of my own bubbling emotions a few times during the two weeks of this class. But I asked myself – what are the consequences? I will not die from not spending another hour, or another afternoon, or night on an assignment. I learned a lot in that process, that we, as students, can only do our best with the time we are provided. No instructor (should) expect their students to beat themselves to death with material night and day without any breaks. We just do the best we can, and that is all we can expect of our students.


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